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About the Competition

To establish the Museum’s new exhibition and collection venues, an international architectural competition will be announced in 2018, in accordance with the European and Hungarian regulations.

The aim of the competition is to select a team, who

• are prepared to fulfill the complex design requirements of a large scale project;

• are sensitive to an inspiring, visitor-focused presentation of technical heritage and innovation;

• view the location and the built structures as resource for creative action;

• can mobilise a complex range of expertise;

• has experience in architectural design and exhibition design duties;

• have the ambition to create a world class architectural complex;

• are motivated to participate in establishing a new, leading, innovative institution.

The competition welcomes ideas for interventions and programming in areas outside the immediate boundaries of the brief.
The Competition Jury will consist of internationally renowned architects, museum leaders and professionals, the delegates of the Hungarian Government and the City of Budapest and other professional representatives. The Museum intends to sign a contract with the winning entry’s authors for the full planning process, including concept, permission and construction documents.