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Maintenance Depot

The History of the Maintenance Depot

Hearing of the Northern Maintenance Depot might not suggest all that much to a Budapester today as during the past 140 years, up until 2009, the area was home to locomotive and railway engine service facilities. Apart from the repair workers and administration staff, visitors have not frequented these premises. Having been one the most significant railway plants in the country, it is precisely the palpably industrial atmosphere and the incomparably spacious halls that bring about the special spirit of this complex.


The competition site sits on the western part of the Depot. The Museum will be placed partly in the existing buildings there, partly in newly built structures.

The Site

The site designated to the Museum is part of the former Northern Maintenance Depot of the Hungarian State Railways. The area of the Depot was trisected, in accordance with current development plans envisioning multiple large cultural institutions there. A large steel-structured hall under heritage protection, designed by the Eiffel office, will house the Hungarian State Opera’s Workshops in the future. Other buildings destroyed in World War II bombings were replaced by the so-called Diesel Hall and its adjacent office building in 1962. The latter will be occupied by the Hungarian Museum of Transport. The future function of the third area including the so-called Bogie Hall has not been decided yet.